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If looks could kill

The power of behaviour

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Course Overview


The aim of the customer service video

To ensure customer-facing staff learn how their behaviour can be used to improve customers' attitudes, and create new sales opportunities.

Dealing with customers

How people behave when dealing with customers or colleagues can determine the success or failure of each interaction.

In this spoof detective case, a customer is driven to distruction by the careless behaviour of staff at the doctor's, at the shoe shop, in the post office and at the station. In a series of engaging, amusing and realistic scenarios, the detective must piece together the customer's movements to see how the behaviour of several suspects led to the demise.

Three key pieces of evidence result from his enquiries:

  • Behaviour breeds behaviour
  • Behaviour is a choice
  • Behaviour can be used to help a transaction

This light-hearted programme, written by behavioural expert Dr Peter Honey, raises some simple but key issues, and expresses them in a professional, down-to-earth manner. Staff of any level, across a range of industries, will learn from this programme how to deal with customers by being professional and choosing their behaviour. Personal problems and prejudices should be hidden, and customers should be welcomed and put at their ease.

This training video will...

  • Give all types of front-line staff the skills to manage their behaviour productively
  • Improve customers’ attitudes and improve their loyalty

All Video Arts e-learning courses come embedded with our award-winning video: so your people are more likely to engage in the training and retain the messages. This two-hour course can be taken in bite-sized chunks and is designed to let your employees dip in and out for self-paced learning.

e-learning modules:

  • Trailer
  • Pre-test
  • Introduction
  • Behaviour counts
  • Serve your customer
  • Manage your customer
  • Express yourself
  • Control yourself
  • Summary
A Video Arts production featuring Dawn French and Patrick Malahide

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