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Discover the mylearningworx three easy steps to a successful course

Getting started as a mylearningworx’ author is easy

Step 1: Pick a Topic

To get started, you need to pick a subject that interests you and you have the knowledge to tell the rest of the world.
Then, think of a compelling title for your course, and write a useful description. Finish off by creating a biography so people know who you are!

Step 2: Add Content

Now it’s all about producing and adding content. Mylearningworx allows you to either create your own or import materials from existing resources (though be careful of copyright). You can add PowerPoint presentations as videos, PDF’s or create your own HTML. You can even make and add your own questions and assessments.
Finally, mylearningworx enables you to organise your learning content into easy to follow chapters and lessons

Step 3 Publish & Promote

When you have created your course, you have to decide whether what price to set – or whether you just want to give it away – it is up to you. Whatever, you keep 70% of all revenue from sales
Once you have decided to go live to the world, you need to promote your course, using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, mailshots or whatever else you have available.
You can start right now by editing your profile or creating a course.