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Meetings bloody meetings

How to make meetings more productive

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Course Overview

I've got to go to a meeting... It's a phrase that makes most people's hearts sink. It echoes with boredom, frustration and a general waste of valuable time. And yet, we all know you can't manage without meetings. A team isn't a team unless we all get together to discuss problems, share ideas and come to decisions. And whilst they continue to take place 'face to face' we are increasingly using technology to meet with colleagues online as 'virtual teams'.

The answer of course is to have efficient, effective and productive meetings but we all know that's easier said than done. A recent survey revealed that 49% of managers felt they were wasting at least 3 hours a week in meetings. And 21% believed that 4 out of 5 meetings were a total waste of their time. 49% of managers felt they were wasting at least 3 hours a week in meetings.

This should be mandatory training to anyone who organises meetings. I thought the content was good, concise and to the point. It helped that the video content was acted out byprofessional, well known actors."

Richard Atkinson, Cummins DEP

Indeed, a meeting is often the only time the whole team comes together and is the only place where the leader is seen as a leader rather than 'the official' individuals report to. If they feel their time has been wasted, they lose respect not just for the leader but also for the wider organisation that put that leader in place.

However many leaders aren't even aware that running meetings is a teachable, learnable skill. But of course, it's not a gift, it's a technique. In fact, a technique with five key elements that apply to both face to face and virtual meetings. These five elements supply the framework of the Video Arts most popular programme ever and one of the most widely used training videos of all time.

one of the most widely used training videos of all time.

Learners will come away with the ability to better prepare, structure, manage and control effective meetings.

John Cleese returns in the classic role of the Judge and demonstrates how the rules for running a meeting parallel those of a court.

Learners will be able to:

  • Organise and chair meetings of any kind
  • Make their meetings more productive, efficient and effective

All Video Arts e-learning courses come embedded with our award-winning video: so your people are more likely to engage in the training and retain the messages. This two-hour course can be taken in bite-sized chunks and is designed to let your employees dip in and out for self-paced learning.

e-learning modules:

  • Trailer
  • Pre-test
  • Introduction
  • Plan
  • Inform
  • Prepare
  • Structure and control
  • Summarise and record
  • Summary and action plan
  • Knowledge check
A Video Arts production featuring John Cleese.

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