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Assert yourself

Learning to be assertive

  • Business
  • Beginner
  • 2 Lessons
  • 2.00 hours


Course Overview


The aim of this assertiveness training video

To show staff what true assertive behaviour is, and how and when to use it.


Submissive people avoid confrontation but fail miserably at getting what they want. And while aggressive people often appear to be successful, they rarely win the willing co-operation of their colleagues in the long-run.

Assertiveness, however, is much more advantageous. It does not conflict with listening and accepting the views of colleagues or customers, and is more likely to lead to a satisfactory solution to any problem. It allows potentially valuable ideas to be aired. By behaving more assertively your staff can be more positive, more creative and better equipped to get their job done effectively.

This entertaining programme looks at the advantages and disadvantages of submissive, aggressive and assertive behaviour. In a series of different situations - from the office, within meetings, and even within a hospital - the techniques of assertive behaviour are explained, together with how to get your inner dialogue right, and how to communicate what you want with honesty and relevance whilst respecting the rights of those you are addressing.

Assert yourself manages to be credibleusefuland entertaining all at once.

Stephanie Sparrow, Training and Coaching Today

 The key video outcomes

  • Encourages staff to talk about problems that might otherwise remain hidden
  • Will teach staff how to respond assertively to different types of behaviours
  • Staff will be more confident, motivated and productive

All Video Arts e-learning courses come embedded with our award-winning video: so your people are more likely to engage in the training and retain the messages. This two-hour course can be taken in bite-sized chunks and is designed to let your employees dip in and out for self-paced learning.

e-learning modules:

  • Trailer
  • Pre-test
  • Introduction
  • Choose your words with care!
  • What's the difference?
  • Be honest about what is relevant
  • Stick to your bottom line
  • Communicate as equals
  • Summary and action plan
  • Knowledge check

Information about this learning video

Video Arts 2007 production featuring Kris Marshall and Pippa Haywood.

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