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Who sold you this, then?

Effective after-sales service

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Course Overview


Learning objectives

To help service staff appreciate the skills required to satisfy customers and represent the business in a professional light.

After-sales service video training

Charlie, a service repair man, is called out to a number of typical service scenarios, but on each occasion he manages to criticise everything that's important to his business - the products he services, his customer, the salesperson they originally dealt with and his organisation itself. The realistic scenes are not only amusing and highly watchable, but make some clear points about the role that service staff should be undertaking.

When repairing a couple's washing machine, Charlie shows no compassion that they are knee-deep in water, and just compounds their distress by criticising the product's design and safety features. Next he is faced with a broken photocopier which a business needs urgently repaired, but just blames the organisation for not looking after it correctly and for not calling him sooner.

At a computer centre a hi-tech machine has failed and needs a new part, but Charlie's call to head office gives the customer the impression that his company is inefficient and unable to help. Finally, when looking at a householder's faulty burglar alarm, he criticises the engineer and salesperson before him, leaving the customer confused and unhappy.

When Charlie sees the light, viewers will appreciate that his role is as a trouble-shooter not a trouble-maker. He visits a restaurant to repair an oven and leaves the chef delighted with the service, taking out a new service contract and an order for a kitchen upgrade.

Your after-sales team will...

  • Adopt skills to satisfy customers and instill them with confidence
  • Learn to represent your business in a positive, professional light

Featuring Hugh Laurie

A Video Arts production featuring Hugh Laurie, Tim McInnerny, Patsy Byrne and Alphonsia Emmanuel. Release date: 1997

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