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Train the trainer

Bite sized training to BOOST confidence and efficiency.

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Course Overview

Subject matter experts (people with specialist knowledge) are often called on to deliver training. BUT knowing a lot about a subject is very different from teaching and training people about it. Quite often, specialist skills will be hard earned over months or even years.

Having to pass that on to trainees in a few hours is very difficult. People are different, they learn in different ways. They have different expectations, different backgrounds and previous experience. That’s when train the trainer comes in.

If you are going to stand up in front of a group of people and explain in great technical strung out detail what you do every day without thinking about, you are going to need some help…

Who is this train the trainer course for ?

This title, from our rookie manager series is for new managers, supervisors and team leaders and those managers required instruct or teach new members of staff. Train the trainer is a starter course for anyone fresh & new to training teaching or instructing adults.

When you have completed this train the trainer course

You will know

  • How to breakdown a task to instruct on
  • How you can ask superb questions to train effectively
  • The types of questions to avoid

You will be able to

  • Deal with correct, partially correct and totally answers and what this means for you as a trainer.
  • You will understand
  • The strengths and weaknesses of 6 types of support material
  • How different people learn, both group and individually and how this can have a MASSIVE impact on your training session.

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