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Sparkol VideoScribe

Learn how to produce whiteboard animation style videos.

  • Technology
  • Beginner
  • 10 Lessons
  • 1.20 hours


Course Overview

Sparkol VideoScribe gives you the tools to explain, market and explore your product or service without the need for a design or technical professional. Often called ‘whiteboard animation’ or ‘fast drawing’, VideoScribe replicates a stop-motion capture style of drawing, giving you the ability to explain concepts, illustrate talks and engage audiences.

Learn all the features of this amazing software in this online video course. We’ll take you from the beginning right through to the more advanced topics found in the application.

This comprehensive course covers the following subjects:

  • FREE FIRST LESSON: Getting started; the interface explained

  • Lesson Two: Adding images to the canvas, adding from the library, local drive, DropBox account and a URL, moving, resizing and rotating, adding non-vector graphics
  • Lesson Three: Re-arranging the running order, overall project timing, setting the draw time, previewing your scribe, zooming, deleting items, cut, copy and paste
  • Lesson Four: The camera position, viewing the angle, setting the angle, clearing the angle, changing the transition time
  • Lesson Five: Image properties, exporting out an SVG image, replacing images, changing the element style, rotating and flipping an image, changing the drawing colour, hexadecimal colour numbers, changing colours in images
  • Lesson Six: Text properties, adding text, resizing text, rotating text, editing text, changing colour, aligning text, importing fonts
  • Lesson Seven: Advanced image properties, applying filters (blur, glow, shadow etc), changing the hand (image level), changing the hand (project level), changing the paper, image quality
  • Lesson Eight: Applying advanced effects, installing additional hands & pens, using the ‘move in’ function, ‘Behind glass’ effect, ‘Morphing’ from one element to another
  • Lesson Nine: Adding audio and voiceover, adding a soundtrack, adding/recording a voiceover, adjusting the volume
  • Lesson Ten: Exporting, creating & publishing, produce as PDF, export to file for sharing, create as a video file, publishing your video

Note the course may contain: Video, Audio,

Videos: 10

Total Duration: 1hr 18 minutes. 

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