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iOS App Development - A Project-Based Approach

Learn iPhone and iPad development by actually doing it.

  • Technology, Business, Design
  • Beginner
  • 4 Lessons
  • 11.00 hours


Course Overview

 Course Overview

Do you know a little bit about developing iPhone and iPad apps with Xcode? Perhaps you have taken an introductory course and made your first basic app? Do you have a great app idea or want to develop apps for a living?Well, get ready to take your skills to the next step and actually start producing apps that people really want! 

The concept of this course is simple: Learn how to create over 100 cool design features and functions using Xcode, giving you a skill set that full time iOS developers have. You will get over 60 project source codes so you can learn by deconstructing each project, or altering it to make it even better. Then simply add any number of these cool design features together to make awesome apps.

You already know that you're getting over 60 source codes. Well, I bet you didn't know that these exact source codes sell for well over $300 online. What a fantastic bargain!	
  • 11 Hour Online Course
  • Build Incredible iPhone and iPad Apps
  • Become a Professional iOS Developer
  • Leverage Xcode to It's Fullest Potential
  • Make Money Selling Your Apps
  • Learn in Plain English - No Technical Documentation to Suffer Through
  • Get a Course Completion Certificate
  • 12 Month Access to All Course Material
I'm ready to develop apps for real.
I never really though I could learn enough to be able to talk to a customer, have them tell me what they want in their app, then actually do it. I really can now thanks to you !
Harmon L.

I've learned so much.
I took the Xcode beginner course from you and now just completed the projects course. I have learned so much and now can actually build real apps. I was impressed with the ease of learning in this course.
Silvio R.

  • iPhone app development in-depth
  • iPad app development in-depth
  • Create super-sleek app designs
  • Create multi-dimensional iPhone and iPad apps
  • Understand all facets of iOS programming
  • How to build an app from scratch
Xcode is a development environment for those who want to create Apple software and mobile apps. All the best apps you've seen on the market have been built with Xcode, and if you learn it, you can build great apps too.
The best part about Xcode is that it has a graphical user interaface. That means you can actually see what your app looks like and test its functionality as you build it.

Course Outline

Total Run Time: 11 Hours
Course Requirements: Mac computer with OSx Lion or OSx Mountain Lion
Module 1: Easy iOS App Projects
  • Course introduction
  • Importing Frameworks
  • Backround Image
  • Changing Your App's Name
  • Comment Coding
  • Custom Buttons
  • Hiding Status Bar
  • Landscape
  • Loading Screen
  • Retina Images
  • Shortcuts
  • Tidy Projects
  • View Based App
Module 2: Simple iOS Projects
  • AlertView
  • Animations
  • Change Image
  • Custom Fonts
  • Display Image
  • Fade Buttons
  • Hide Buttons
  • Hiding Outlets
  • Random Images
  • Random Number Generator
  • Random Text Colour
  • Random Word Generator
  • Scroll View
  • Switching views
  • Using Text Fields
  • Changing the Text Color with Buttons
  • UISwitch
  • UIViews
  • URL Link
  • Vibrate Device
Module 3: Intermediate iOS Projects
  • Action Sheets
  • Activity Indicator
  • AlertView with Actions
  • Auto AlertView
  • Auto Animations
  • Counting Timer
  • Custom Slider
  • Digital Clock
  • Draggable Buttons
  • Falling Images
  • Icon Badges
  • Image Alpha
  • Map View
  • Playing a Sound
  • Playing a Video
  • Segment Control
  • Web View

 Module 4: Avanced Intermediate iOS Projects

  • Alert Positioning
  • Facebook Posting
  • Adding iAds to Your App
  • Keeping the App Awake
  • Loading Images from URLs
  • Map View Pins
  • Screen Shots
  • Shake Gesture
  • SMS Mesaging
  • StoryBoards
  • Support Orientations
  • TabBar App
  • Twitter Posting
Module 5: Advanced iOS Projects
  • Basic Calculator
  • Delay Actions
  • Image Collision
  • In-App Email
  • Passing Data
  • Save and Load Data
  • Sound Board App
  • Table View
  • Tap Counter
Module 6: Bonus Projects
  • Background Color Changer
  • Font Size Slider
  • Phone Calls
  • Picker Views
  • Picker Views with Web View
  • Streaming MP3s
  • Streaming Radio
Module 7: Bonus App Development Projects
  • PDF Project
  • Calculator Project
  • Social Media Project
  • Sound Board Project
  • Hello World Project
Module 8: Conclusion / End of Course

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