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Marketing with Pinterest for Businesses

Grab paying customers from the fastest growing social network in the world!

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  • 1.00 hours


Course Overview

This Pinterest marketing online course aims to demystify Pinterest and all of its features.  Pinterest has become one of the most powerful and fastest growing social platforms on the internet today.  Utilizing it in the right way will allow people and businesses to create an interested following in a short amount of time.

Is Pinterest Worth the Time and Effort?

That depends on whether or not you know how to use Pinterest correctly to create a following and engage your followers. If you simply create an account in throw up a few pins, you will find out quickly that you will have no success. The key is to understand why people follow you and how to market to them once they are a follower. You will learn all of that and more in this short Pinterest marketing online course.

What Does This Course Cover?

At the beginning, basic features are covered including how to set up a new account on the network followed by a full walk-through showing more advanced features such as creating a board, how to pin, and why following is important.  At the end of this course, each learner will have the confidence, ability and knowledge to take their Pinterest accounts and create the sort of network and influential following they desire.

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